Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coachella Lineup Announced In Full :(

I got back from the Ryan Adams show (more on that tomorrow!) at the Arlington this evening to eagerly view the Coachella lineup I'd been hearing so much about. I was already prepared for the let-down that the trifecta of My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie and Radiohead wouldn't be headlining, but the biggest surprise seems to be that, well -- the headliners just aren't very exciting.

I've always been under the impression that Coachella is supposed to have the best lineup of all the big outdoor music fests, but Austin City Limits' lineup this year was way bigger and better (White Stripes, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, MMJ, Andrew Bird, Spoon, M.I.A., Muse...). Ah well, maybe I'd think better of this all if a) I hadn't gotten so excited about the possibility of finally seeing MBV live and b) if I was more familiar with Pink Floyd's work. Oh, and c) if I knew who Love and Rockets were (from what I've read so far about them, I'm interested to hear their music).


I'll probably still make it down there for a day or something, but this is strange and dis(concert)ing.

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Josh Mock said...

The Ryan Adams show last night was phenomenal. I got up this morning to eagerly check out the Coachella lineup as well. As soon as I saw that Jack Johnson was the day 1 headliner, I knew it wasn't going to be good. Oh well. That's money, time, driving and ungodly heat I don't have to worry about this year I guess. I'll be much happier if I can just score Radiohead tickets for their Santa Barbara date this year. :)