Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been back in class for two whole weeks now, and I've already seen more films than I can keep track of. Avant-garde, early sound films, Hungarian films, films outside of class, films on TV... I take extreme pride in the fact that I haven't fallen asleep -- yet. My eyes are bloodshot, my hands are shaking and I'm kind of afraid I'm going to have to re-start my love-hate relationship with my drug of choice... caffeine.

Don't we have a right to be bitter? We take a whole lot of crap from everyone who tells us we picked an easy major. People who don't know a syuzhet from a fabula; philosophy majors who berate us for not "getting" The Butterfly Effect (heh, just kidding, philosophy majors, you probably hate that film just as much as we do); people who don't have to read page after page after page of film theory. People ask how you can spend 6+ months filming a 15-minute film. Yes, it sometimes feels like a masochistic major, but at the end of the day, I love it and don't mind having to watch an average of two or three films a day. I don't even mind reading what Alan and Gomery have to say about slapstick comedy.

The Ladybug Transistor: "Splendor in the Grass" [MP3]

My Morning Jacket: "Butch Cassidy" [MP3]

The Postal Service: "Clark Gable" [MP3]

Yo La Tengo: "Deeper Into Movies" [MP3]

Art Brut: "Moving to LA" [MP3]
What else are you gonna do before/after grad school?

New Pornographers:"Twin Cinema" [MP3]

Cat Power: "Mr. Gallo" [MP3]
I can't say I'm the biggest fan of this auteur, myself. But some people, Ms. Marshall included, seem to love Buffalo 66.

The Besties: "Western Song" [MP3]
You like John Ford, doncha?

Casper and the Cookies: "Duchamp's Camera" [MP3]
This one's perfect for me, this quarter, as I'm currently taking a course in experimental film.

Bob Dylan: "Motorpsycho Nightmare" [MP3]
This made so much more sense after finally watching Psycho.

Belle & Sebastian: "Like Dylan in the Movies" [MP3]
Kind of perfect, in light of the recent Todd Haynes film.

Math and Physics Club: "Movie Ending Romance" [MP3]

Radiohead: "Exit Music (For a Film)" [MP3]


Lshap Productions said...

this made me giggle!

Steven Ray Morris said...

this is amazing

dan said...

Man, I love Buffalo '66. Did you like it even a little?

Ginny said...

it's not the worst film i've ever seen. i just found it to be a insufferably pretentious. maybe just chalk it up to my general dislike for the man himself, because i'm sure i've defended plenty of films other people deride as pretentious. i can be a bit irrational at times.

Steven Ray Morris said...

irrational sometimes? try all the time ;)

dan said...

Yeah, it's art... it's subjective. great list!

Matt said...

"deeper into movies" is one of the best songs ever!