Thursday, January 24, 2008

MLGF Presents...

So, um, hell yeah, St. Vincent's going to be in Santa Barbara in February! Phosphorescent and Bon Iver in March! And dear Frank Turner, too! Not to mention fabulous Oxnard indiepop sensations Maria!

And that kid said there was absolutely no music scene in Santa Barbara... Not that it's L.A. or anything, but that kid's obviously never been to Biko, or to Muddy Waters. Spending too much time on DP listening to "Rebelution" every night will do crazy things to a person, I guess.

I have been somewhat disappointed by UCSB's actual concert series, because last year they got Busdriver, Man Man, Starlight Mints, Aqueduct and others to come play shows on campus. This year, a lot more time seems to be devoted to screamo... not that, uh, there's anything wrong with that, of course...

Feb. 1 - The Coral Sea, Springtime is Wartime (@ Biko)
Feb. 2 - Jesca Hoop (@ SoHO)
Feb. 16 - St. Vincent (!!!) (@ Velvet Jones)
Feb. 22 - Frank Turner, the Donner Party (@ Muddy Waters)
Feb. 23 - Maria, Clitorectomy and the Mutilators, Foot Foot (@ Biko)
Feb. 24 - Red Pony Clock, Harry Lowton (@ Biko)
Mar. 2 - Philip Glass (@ UCSB's Campbell Hall)
Mar. 13 - Roseanne Cash (@ UCSB's Campbell Hall)
Mar. 21 - Phosphorescent, Bon Iver (@ Muddy Waters)
Apr. 16 - Arlo Guthrie (@ UCSB's Campbell Hall)
Apr. 18 - The Mutineers, Drunken Prayer, Power of Country (@ Muddy Waters)
May 29 - The Cure (@ the SB Bowl)


Steven Ray Morris said...

AHAHAHAH, that guy in the Nexus was a douchebag.

Hey I'm going to be playing a show on the 13th, I'll give you the details soon. There are some good folks playing with me too!

Anonymous said...

too bad st. vincent is 21+ :\

Ginny said...

i know, i'm way bummed about that.