Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Kids: Come Into My House

I had been wondering what Vancouver's P:ano has been up to... Turns out, most of its members (Julia Chirka, Justin Kellam and Nick Krgovich) have been working on a record, Come Into My House under the name No Kids. The album is due in February, and it's all about kids in autumn. I'm really enjoying the songs I've heard so far -- they've got that fun, layered experimentation with instruments I love so much about P:ano -- but they're generally slower than P:ano songs. It's a tough group of songs to classify, but there's a cohesiveness to the songs that forms an almost cinematic narrative... You know things are getting strange when you feel like you're listening to indiepop slow jams! These guys are probably the only band that could get away with an album its press release claims is "set in the perpetual Autumn New England of Douglas Sirk’s classic melodramas."

"Four Freshmen Locked Out As The Sun Goes Down" [MP3]

No Kids' MySpace

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