Thursday, December 20, 2007

Donny Hue and the Colors:
More Jangle For Your Jingle Bells

Corny title, you say? I'm getting back into this whole blogging thing again after a period of absolute scholastic craziness. I'm allowed to be corny. This week. C'mon, Christmas is around the corner. Be nice to me. Brooklyn's Donny Hue and the Colors are releasing one of the craziest, jangliest Christmas EPs -- Mr. Red Blues -- you could ever hope to have under your tree this Christmas (only you can't physically have it under your tree, since it's going to be a digital release only). There are some spacey vocals, a surfeit of poppy energy, strange instruments swirling around in the mix, and the EP's four full-length songs are nestled in between several psychedelic, crazy little instrumental interludes.

"Mr. Red Blues" [MP3]

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