Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NEW! Phantom Planet Album + EP Details!

...Yep, Phantom Planet one of my favorite bands when I was younger (back when Jason Schwartzman still held the drumsticks), and I still think the guys make great music. They haven't released anything since 2004's sadly under-appreciated Phantom Planet though rumors of a release seem like they've been swirling around for forever or so. Today, however, on MySpace, the band announced its fourth album will be released in Spring 2008! (And posted that they'd spend less time on album number five). Whatever you do, don't judge the band based on the irritating popularity of the O.C.'s theme song, or by the band's tour dates with Maroon 5 (c'mon, they sucked the Hives in too).

So far, the only audio from the new album comes in the form of the following video of Sam and Darren laying down vocals for "Leader," which'll be on a 4-song EP coming out before the album's release. It sounds like it'll be pretty raw and rock-ish (yeah, I did just use that non-word), more like the band's latest stuff, though the band's never lost its gift for crafting pop melodies.

"The Living Dead" [MP3]

Phantom Planet's website
Phantom Planet's MySpace

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Deb said...

Nice post! Check out my blog and scroll down to the see the DC pictures from october 16, we had 3rd row for soundcheck and the concert!