Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ryan Adams' Follow The Lights EP

Finally, Ryan Adams releases some new music! Five whole months apart between albums? In all seriousness, though, his latest EP, Follow the Lights, is a strong offering of seven diverse tracks, some new, some re-recorded but previously released, and an Alice in Chains cover. I am especially fond of this version of "If I Am A Stranger," the track that made me a fan of Cold Roses; here, it's acoustic, which fits the song's melancholy lyrics perfectly. What else? There's a re-recording of Rock And Roll's best track (a dubious distinction, I know), "Is This It," as well as a superior version of "Dear John." In the past, Adams has said he's just one of the Cardinals, and the Cardinals do step up more than they have in the past, with guitarist Neal "I Just Play Guitar, Man" Casal taking Norah Jones' place with vocals on "Dear John." So yeah, I recommend getting this EP to tide you over until the box set hits stores (supposedly sometime this winter?).

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