Wednesday, October 10, 2007

While You Were Complaining About Radiohead's Low Bit Rate, Computer Nerds...

...Okay, I wasn't having the Best Week Ever. I was in class watching wayyy too many silent films for my own good (at least one of them featured Buster Keaton = UPGRADE!). But I plan on listening to In Rainbows at some point this afternoon. You wanna know something? I did download the album for free. For all the complaints about the album's low bitrate (in addition to my usual preference for tangibility in my album collection rather than digital nothingness), I'm gonna lay down some cash when the album hits stores some time early next year (and I won't feel bad about that). I'll keep you posted. But there should be enough about rainbow talk going around today to make the Internet look like a gay pride festival (and I mean that with fondness). My multi-colored contribution, so far:

Apples in Stereo: "The Rainbow" [MP3]
Deerhoof: "Rainbow Silhouette Of The Milky Rain" [MP3]
The Elected: "Beautiful Rainbow" [MP3]
The Flaming Lips: "I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow" [MP3
Fruit Bats: "Rainbow Sign" [MP3]
Klaxons: "Gravity's Rainbow" [MP3]
My Bloody Valentine: "Paint a Rainbow" [MP3]
Spirit Fingers: "Volcano Rainbow Sunrise" [MP3]


foggy ruins of time said...

oh dear Virginia. Silent film has made you crazy.

Ginny said...

Yeah, it's made me a little crazy, between the 2 classes. But 128A is really good! We watch lots of Buster Keaton and it's way exciting!

Matt said...

whoa ginny, thanks for posting the spirit fingers song!

Ginny said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot you were in Spirit Fingers... it's a way good rainbow song.