Wednesday, October 10, 2007

VIDEO: Modest Mouse's "Little Motel"

Modest Mouse - Little Motel

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"Little Motel" was my definite favorite song off Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank, probably because it's one of the album's most diverse tracks, without Isaac Brock's (honestly, kind of grating) signature vocals. Right off the bat, though, "Little Motel" caught my ear with its sparse arrangement and way more subdued vocals that fluidly wash over all of it. I strongly recommend listening to it at night with headphones, if you want to get the full effect of this acoustic gem. And it doesn't sound shoegaze-y at all, but somehow I found that word crossing my mind as I listened that first time. Maybe it's all the strange, subtle ambient background noise.

The slowly paced, backwards-moving video fits the song well, as the camera lingers over images and details the way Brock's voice languishes and lingers over the song's few lyrics. The only downside: It kinda looks like an episode of ER at times. Without George Clooney.

"Little Motel" [MP3]

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