Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Pants Yell!: "Magenta and Green"

If Toy Band's adorable "Purple and Teal" (click HERE for that) wasn't enough Crayola-inspired fun for you, Pants Yell! have a new song called "Magenta and Green" up now for your listening pleasure. The song's from the band's upcoming album, Allison Statton, and it'll be out on Dec. 4. Thank you, Skatterbrain!

01. More Purple
02. Reject, Reject
03. Tried to Be Good
04. Evan's Way
05. A New City Life
06. Magenta and Green
07. Shoreham Kent
08. Alison Statton
09. The Royal We
10. For Dee
11. Two French Sisters

"Magenta and Green"

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