Friday, October 5, 2007

The Pom Poms: "Fool"

Santa Barbara's free weekly paper, The Independent, ran a fabulous feature last week about the local music scene and its many rising acts. At the paper's recommendation, I gave a few tracks by the Pom Poms a listen, and I'm really impressed by the soft, hypnotic folk music that Rob Kuznia and his supporting cast (Edgar Oliveira on drums, Justin Dullum on vocals and electric guitar on a song or two and Alta Peterson on backing vocals) have been producing. "Fool" is a very pretty lullaby, with layered male and female vocals at the forefront and some fairly simple-sounding acoustic, country-ish guitar accompaniment. If you're a fan of Iron & Wine's earliest sound, I have no doubt you'll enjoy this band.

"Fool" [MP3]

The Pom Poms on MySpace

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