Friday, September 21, 2007

VIDEO: My Sad Captains - "Bad Decisions"

The video for the best freakin' indie pop jam of the summer you never heard, kids. My Sad Captains, who hail from the UK, released their debut 7" on Fortuna Records earlier this year, and the video explains why all their promo/MySpace pictures feature enormous inflatable sea critters. It pretty much looks like the most fun music video ever to make. If you don't have it stuck in your head when it's over, you probably lost your head somewhere. Take Yo La Tengo's fondness for retro pop melodies, Pavement's fuzziness and Grandaddy's sad-sack, slacker lyrics and you have My Sad Captains' "Bad Decisions."

"Bad Decisions" [MP3]

My Sad Captains' website
My Sad Captains on MySpace

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