Friday, September 21, 2007

LIVE: Animal Collective @ The Henry Fonda (9/18)

Let's be honest: After 3 straight days of sweating and being sweated on my massive crowds of people while listening to a massive amount of music on about, oh zero hours of sleep, I was in no condition to appreciate Animal Collective's supposedly magnificent, life-changing live show. I didn't throw the ever-menacing "supposedly" in there to be rude or discount the band's music (which, dudes, I like, love, c'mon now), but because it just didn't connect with me Tuesday night. It was fun, and the band sounded pretty great, but I wouldn't say it was one of my favorite live experiences. It's a shame, because Strawberry Jam is great, as is Panda Bear's amazing Person Pitch. I gotta get me some sleep before the Lucksmiths come to town tomorrow!

Oh yeah... the first opener, who I guess is some dude from Black Dice (edit: his name is Eric Copeland), was unlistenable. I don't think anyone was high enough to enjoy the guy's indecipherable cacaphony of noise (and come on, at an Animal Collective show, people are more than preeetty high)... maybe that one guy who passed out.

"Peacebone" [MP3]
"For Reverend Green" [MP3]

Animal Collective's website

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