Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Immaculate Machine Hits Santa Barbara Saturday!!!

Immaculate Machine: Brooke Gallupe, Kathryn Calder and Luke Kozlowski

Last minute surprises! Immaculate Machine comes to town this weekend... and of course it's the weekend I'm going to be in Long Beach. Man oh man. the Immaculate Machine will be playing at the Biko Co-op on Saturday night at 8, with local bands Mouth and Clitorectomy and the Mutilators!! Amazing indie pop from Mint Records.

I complain a lot about not being close to the LA shows, but the great thing about Santa Barbara is that when bands do come around, they often play in our (by our, I mean college students) backyards here in Isla Vista! I saw the Advantage (the "8-bit Nintendo band," which is way more awesome than it sounds, and far less gimmicky) play last night at the Pink Mailbox. Great show. The crowd was really enthusiastic and captivated, especially when the band got gradually softer and softer until they were basically inaudible... "I can't hear you!" some drunk person jeered from the back, but it was all in good fun.

And, don't forget to go and check out Sea Wolf play downtown at SoHO this Thursday, Sept. 13, or Modest Mouse, who will be at the Bowl next weekend while I'm in Austin for ACL (and Hot Freaks! on Sept. 15). Enjoy the multitude of awesome musical events happening in Santa Barbara. You've earned it, neighbors.

Immaculate Machine: "Dear Confessor" [MP3]
Modest Mouse: "Dashboard" [MP3]
Sea Wolf: "You're A Wolf" [MP3]

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