Thursday, September 6, 2007

Introducing Flugente: "Reflections In Spain" and "France"

Jerry Adler, lead singer of the Blam, plays music as Flugente these days.

It could definitely be said that Flugente plays pretty simple songs, musically, but his spoken-word-style delivery of his observational lyrics contributes to an folk-ish album that's less than ordinary. The stripped-down album was created during an extended trip through Europe Adler took with his girlfriend, as the singer allowed himself to step back from the hecticness of everyday life and just observe the world around him. They're not songs so much as little poetic glimpses at Adler's states of mind during various points in his travels (as you can tell by the titles of the songs I've posted), which include trepidation about growing older and deep connection to nature (as well as technology). The music -- especially lyrically -- reminds me a lot of Colin Hay.

"Reflections In Spain On The Subject Of My 38th Birthday" [MP3]
"Reflections In France On The Subject Of Sleeping In The Rain" [MP3]

Flugente's website
Flugente on MySpace

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