Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm (Kinda) Getting Schooled In Hip Hop.

Example... Still looking for his real name.

I'm probably the least-qualified person to talk about hip-hop music EVER. Seriously, I never grew up with anybody who could point me to the good stuff (and I know there's some out there, I just am not hearing it on the radio). I know, I know, you're groaning and telling me to shut up already, then. But, as someone who has a whopping total of 3 hip-hop sounding albums on her iTunes (Busdriver, Kanye and Macromantics are about as far into the genre as I've gotten), I can honestly say I'm enamored with Example's What We Made album. The opening track ("So Many Roads") is so ecstatically, clappily happy, with the "We've Only Just Begun" loop (isn't that what it's called?) that I had to keep listening, and I'm so glad I did. The album's thoroughly, delightfully, infectiously crazy and clever. "You can't rap my friend / You're white and you're from Fullham," they tell him? To my untrained ears, they be lyin'.

"So Many Roads" [MP3] from What We Made

Example on MySpace

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