Friday, September 7, 2007

Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra: Space & Time

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Alex White.

Now HERE is a girl who knows how to rock. We're not talking about some light guitar accompaniment, and there isn't anything cutesy or annoyingly gimmicky to this band. The music is refreshingly abrasive, yet it's melodic through and through. Miss Alex White (who plays guitar) and the Red Orchestra (Wesley Kerstens on guitar, Edward Altesleben singing as well as playing the drums, plus Eric Villa on bass) are the real deal. "I'm not a boy / but I understand / What it takes to be a man," Miss White sings confidently with her raw and powerful, bluesy voice, and you believe she means it. I'm not going front with y'all (or avoid wording things obnoxiously), I have a serious case of music ADD, and I often have trouble sticking around to listen to an entire album all the way through, but this one (Space & Time, 2007) had me from the fast and furious opening song, "In The Snow," which sets the tone for the rest of the album, which tears through songs at warp speed with punk rock spirit right on through the closer, "Squeaky Clean." This came at me out of left field, and it's shaping up to be one of my favorites of the year. Both songs are highly recommended, as is buying the entire album!

"Future Talk" [MP3] from Space & Time
"Squeaky Clean" [MP3] from Space & Time

Miss Alex White on MySpace
In The Red Records' website

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