Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Magic Numbers EP: Undecided

The Magic Numbers released Those The Brokes earlier this year (well, in the US) to pretty wide acclaim, following 2005's impressive self-titled debut. The Magic Numbers, which consists of brother and sister Romeo and Michele Stodart as well as Angela and Sean Gannon, manage somehow to keep their retro-sounding jangly pop numbers (haaaa) really fresh. I really don't know how they do it -- lord knows the possibilities for genericness in this genre, not to mention the whole gimmick factor of brother-sister/male-female duos that sometimes works against a band before a note is sung. Their latest offering is their Undecided EP, which features two reworked tracks from Those The Brokes and four new ones. You can stream the new tracks on their MySpace. One of my favorites is "Sissy and the Silent Kid," which features lovely choir background vocals. The EP (on Heavenly Records) comes out on Sept. 3!


1. Undecided
2. Fear Of Sleep
3. Shooter
4. Tonight
5. Let Somebody In
6. Sissy And The Silent Kid

"Forever Lost" [MP3] from The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers website
The Magic Numbers on MySpace

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