Sunday, September 2, 2007

Agent Ribbons Plays Tonight In Santa Barbara!!!

Natalie Gordon and Lauren Hess are Agent Ribbons

...And since I'm not yet 21, I can't go to the show at Elsie's Tavern. If you are, or if you have a reasonably convincing fake ID (hey, I'm not endorsing that or anything, I'm just saying), head over there tonight to watch Sacramento's Agent Ribbons (with San Francisco's Little Teeth) @ 9 (that's like, RIGHT NOW! GO!). I saw them play earlier this year, and Natalie Gordon's got some stage power! And when I say some, I mean a lot.

I would make some sort of Jenny Lewis comparison, because of course all 20-something women who are cute and play indie rock have to be compared to Jenny Lewis (not that I don't appreciate Jenny Lewis, usually, but come on people, how lazy are we?), but really, I'd be lying and doing both ladies a disservice. The girls in Agent Ribbons are badass and I refuse to stereotype them (if that can be correctly used as a verb).

Seriously, though, their D-I-Y album, On Time Travel and Romance (2006) is a killer blend of Gordon's often sweet but just as often snarling vocals and some sharp, incisive but still poppy lyrics set to very catchy melodies that WILL get stuck in your head all day. And you probably won't mind.

"Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus" [MP3] from On Time Travel and Romance
"Birds And The Bees" [MP3] from On Time Travel and Romance

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Matthew said...

Verbs are technically an open word group, so you can make pretty much anything a verb. Just in case you really cared.

I like this a lot - fortunately they sound nothing like Rilo Kiley!

Ginny said...

Haha fortunately indeed, considering Rilo Kiley's latest 'masterpiece.'

Now onto creating some awesome verb usage for my next post!