Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Dying Californian: "Blurred Just The Same"

The Dying Californian

The second Dying Californian album came out without me realizing it -- I was a big fan of We Are The Birds That Stay and the band's debut self-titled EP (I don't wanna know how many times I've played "On the Lam"), but for some reason, I missed out on Coarsegold, released this past spring by Turn Records. Coarsegold picks up right where the previous albums left off, a folky, kind of twangy affair that veers between the acousticness of "On The Lam" and "Ghost of Dreams" and the bigger, more expansive sort of sound heard in songs like "Prairie Fire" (reminds me of Band of Horses). The band, based in duuuhr - California, has a couple of shows coming up, so I'm hoping they recovered the equipment that was stolen from them in July in San Francisco!

"Ghost of Dreams" [MP3] from Coarsegold
"Blurred Just The Same" [MP3] from Coarsegold
"On the Lam" [MP3] from The Dying Californian EP
"Prairie Fire" [MP3] from We Are The Birds That Stay

The Dying Californian's website
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