Friday, August 17, 2007

Perhacs? As in Linda? With Devendra?

I knew Gael Garcia Bernal and Chris Robinson were involved with Devendra Banhart's upcoming Smoky Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, and Vashti Bunyan wasn't compleeetely out of left field, but Linda Perhacs? Seriously? That, my friends, is amazing. If you haven't heard Perhacs' criminally neglected Parallelograms (1970), you're missing out (but oh well, it's probably not your fault). Reading this news on P-Fork pushed me to give "Chimacum Rain" a listen (okay, a listen is definitely putting it mildly)... enjoy. You can almost feel the fog and grayness - so evocative. It's seriously psychedelic folk, and listening to this song gives you a pretty good idea of what Banhart and his counterparts were influenced by. Her single album was remastered and re-released recently, and you can buy it here. Can't wait to hear the track she recorded with Banhart.

"Chimacum Rain" [MP3]

Linda Perhacs' website
Linda Perhacs' MySpace


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