Thursday, August 16, 2007

Margot At The Wedding Trailer

The trailer for Margot at the Wedding is available on the film's "Offical Site." I'm excited for this latest Noah Baumbach film (I recently fell in love with Kicking and Screaming. And if all that title invokes in you is anger and confusion directed at Will Ferrell, get thee to a video store -- the 1995 version is golden). Nicole Kidman bothers me a lot of times in films, but it looks like she's at least supposed to in this film. Jack Black? I think I can forgive him for The Holiday. Maybe (the more I remember of this film, the less likely that possibility seems). The thing that really got me though?

The trailer's got Phantom Planet's absolutely gorgeous cover of CSNY's "Our House" in it. So good I had to go and look it up before they even got to the part of the song I recognized when I was watching the trailer. They win again!

"Our House (CSNY cover)" [MP3]

Phantom Planet's website

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