Sunday, August 19, 2007

Album Of The Week: Kath Bloom's "Finally"

Perhaps your only introduction so far to Kath Bloom's folk music has been through the inclusion of her beautiful song, "Come Here," in the soundtrack to Before Sunrise (probably one of the best soundtrack moments in cinematic history). Though the Connecticut-based artist really is one of the best folk singers we've got these days, and has been for the past 25 years or so (back when she was recording albums in limited release with Loren Mazzacane Connors), she's never recieved the attention she deserves. She'd been on hiatus for a number of years, overwhelmed with life as a mother-of-three facing financial problems, when she returned to the studio in the 1990s to record again. Last year, thankfully, a number of her songs from the 90s were turned into a compilation, Finally, which was finally (ha) released by Australian label Chapter Music in 2005. From the opener, "Come Here" to the closer, "Finally," Bloom has crafted 13 of the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs I've ever heard. So glad I tracked this down.

"Come Here" [MP3]
"Finally" [MP3]

Kath Bloom's website
Kath Bloom's MySpace
Chapter Music's website


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