Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boca Chica: Transform Into Beasts

Pittsburg's Boca Chica has been together since 2004, and 2007 marks the release of their second album, Transform Into Beasts, one of the best I've heard so far this year (and I mean this completely without exaggeration). The independently released album seamlessly blends all of my favorite genres and subgenres (New Weird America, folk, alt-country, Americana, indie rock, etc.) together, and the result is nothing short of wonderful. From the maraca-accompanied, sweltering acoustic strangeness of "Blackberries" to the old-fashioned traditional-sounding country remniscence in "Your Name in Lights," to the pretty, lyrically charged folk song, "Beasts," singer-songwriter Hallie Pritts and her bandmates have crafted an album that has traditional influences but doesn't shy away from being experimental in all the right places. Just listen -- your ears will be happy.

Aug 21 -- The Union Project (Pittsburgh, PA) <-- Hallie solo
Aug 31 -- The Purple Fiddle (Thomas, W Virginia) <-- w/ Trent Wagler
Sep 23 -- Howlers (Pittsburgh, PA) <-- w/ King Wilkie and Cuddle Magic
Sep 25 -- Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY) <-- w/ Cuddle Magic
Sep 30 -- The Middle East upstars (Cambridge, MA) <-- w/ Cuddle Magic

"Blackberries" [MP3]** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
"Paper Way" [MP3]

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