Friday, August 24, 2007

Mix: Cowboys and Sunsets

What is it about the Wild West that's so cool? I mean, it's obviously not America's legacy of mistreatment and mischaracterization of the Native American peoples, or perpetuation of tired gender stereotypes... but there really is something to the mystique of the cowboy and the old frontier. I lived in Nebraska for a couple of years when I was a kid, and while I can say it was absolutely boring there, driving out into the open, red plains or mesas as the sun was going down was breathtaking (and I'm a city kinda girl at heart, so this is not an exaggeration), almost like traveling back in time. A lonely but profoundly beautiful sort of place and state of mind.

Gene Autry: "I've Always Been A Rambler" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
The original cowboy to get things going.

Blue Mountain: "Dead End Street" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

The Dying Californian: "On The Lam" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

The Dreadful Yawns: "Candles" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Candle: "The Wind Out There" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Del Reeves: "I'm A Long Way From Home" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

The Wallflowers: "Another One In The Dark" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Who knew the Wallflowers used to be so deliciously country-influenced?

Johnny Cash: "Heart of Gold" (Neil Young cover) [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Neko Case: "We've Never Met" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Some serious twang going on here. Neko at her country-best.

Rilo Kiley: "More Adventurous" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Jenny Lewis begins her fascination with her more country sound.

Jolie Holland: "Moonshiner" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Frankie Laine: "Moonlight Gambler" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Mark Olson: "National Express" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Former Jayhawks founder goes solo.

Ed Bruce: "The Last Cowboy Song" [MP3] -- MORE INFO


foggy ruins of time said...

"More Adventurous" is one of Jenny Lewis's most lyrically satisfying, and when we hear that first chord (an E chord tuned down half a step!) goddammit if it gives me chills.

mtyrtle said...

that's a mighty fine collection of songs you've rounded up. i'm going to write a blog about the coolness of your blog.