Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Cure Postpone Upcoming Tour

Yep, that means they won't be at the SB Bowl on October 9th as previously announced. Instead, the Cure will be working on a double-disc album (their 13th!) and reworking their live show to make it a little more exciting, incorporating some new songs into their vast repertoire. A little weird after reading this quote from Billboard:
"A lot of people who come to Cure shows want to hear something they haven't heard before, but they also want to hear old songs. I enjoy playing them. But the idea of going out and doing a two-and-a-half hour show and including 10 or 12 new songs would actually be really awful, I think. A show is an experience. Anyone coming to a Cure show isn't going to go home and think about buying the album. They've already made their minds up by the fact they've bought a ticket to see us."
That album was apparently due this October, but recording has run long. They'll be back on the road in North America this spring instead, which hopefully will include a stop here too. The band issued this statement on their website, saying
"The Spring 2008 Cure shows will be even better than the Fall 2007 ones would have been!!!"
That's a lot of exclamation points to deliver on, but I'll take them at their word.

"The End Of The World" [MP3]

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