Saturday, August 25, 2007

Murder Mystery: Are You Ready For The Heartache...

Murder Mystery doesn't quite deliver upon what I imagined after reading the press release for their album, Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes. Perhaps that's not their fault, though: there are very few musicians I'd describe as "taking over the world" with their music (I admire the ambition, but somebody's a bit of a hyperbolist). What they have succeeded at doing is writing a couple of catchy songs that might take over your headphones for a little while. They're very proficient when it comes to the technical aspect of music-making... and overbearing production aside (the slickness works on a futuristic track like "Love Astronaut" but renders many of the album's other tracks kinda bland and unmemorable, individually), I enjoyed the summery sound of the album, with its mix of surf-rock-inspired guitars, oo-ooh-oohs and hand-clapping, though I'm thinking the lead singer's voice (not to mention the band's name itself) might be a little more well-suited by the band embracing another season as its creative muse.

Who knows, though? Maybe they'll deliver on that promise of a "rump-shaking live show" when they embark on tour this fall/winter.

"Love Astronaut" [MP3]
"Honey Come Home" [MP3]

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