Friday, August 24, 2007

The Separation: "Fortunate Ones"

Oklahoma's got a ton of good bands going: the state plays home to the Flaming Lips, the Starlight Mints, Student Film and now the Separation, who are also from Norman, OK like the Mints (who the band has shared the stage with in the past). There's a psychedelic, more electric pop sound to these guys that you hear on the band's Separation Razor EP, but then they also kind of have a country sound too, so it's confusing to the ears. A good kind of confusion you will enjoy and crave more of. And on a musically unrelated yet amusing sidenote, I think they enjoy unicorns a lot more than Ryan Adams does.

"Fortunate Ones" [MP3]
"Blue Light" [MP3]

Only click here if you want a seizure (official website)
The Separation on MySpace

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