Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mark Olson - "National Express"

I didn't know until a week ago that former Jayhawks frontman Mark Olson had recorded a solo album released earlier this summer. "The National Express" is my favorite off what I've heard so far of The Salvation Blues -- it's a mournful ballad that also features some lovely female vocals. It's great to hear more from Olson -- there's something really comforting about his music to me, something I loved about the Jayhawks (which Olson left in 1996) and a lot of this type of music. If you're in the L.A.-area, you can check out one of Olson's tour dates: he'll be at the Largo on the 10th, and at the Hotel Cafe on the 11th. The man's keeping reaaaally busy -- check out his MySpace for more tour dates.

"National Express" [MP3]
"Poor Michael's Boat" [MP3]

Mark Olson's MySpace


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coopdeluxe said...

Hearing his voice brings back some mid-90's musical memories. Now I have to go dig up my Hollywood Town Hall cd and get it onto the iPod. Keep up the ghostly good work!