Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sept. 22 -- MATINEE BASH in Santa Barbara

Mark your calendars: Santa Barbara's own Matinee Records (which has been home to Math & Physics Club, Strawberry Whiplash, the Fairways, Bubblegum Lemonade, the Tender Trap, Pipas, the Lucksmiths, etc.) will have a birthday bash here in Santa Barbara on Sept. 22 (according to Math and Physics Club's MySpace). So far, all I've heard is that Math and Physics Club will be playing, but I'll keep you updated on more information as it comes to me. Also, the tracklisting for the band's Sept. 2007 EP, Baby, I'm Yours, is as follows:

1) "Baby, I'm Yours"
2) "Nothing Really Happens"
3) "In This Together"
4) "Do You Keep A Diary?"

LISTEN (from previous album/EPs):
"Weekends Away" [MP3]
"Movie Ending Romance" [MP3]
"Darling, Please Come Home" [MP3]

Math and Physics Club's website
MAPC's MySpace
Matinee Records' website


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