Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Botticellis: "Old Home Movies"

I don't know much about San Francisco-based band the Botticellis (the band's MySpace page is relatively empty), so I'll sum this up rather quickly -- this is one of those basically perfect, addictive indie rock (pop?) songs you have the good fortune to stumble across randomly once in awhile. It grips you from the opening notes and doesn't let go. This is the titular, opening track from their upcoming album, which they've recently finished getting ready for release. More on the Botticellis soon!

8/25: Starry Plough (Berkeley, CA)
9/08: El Rio (San Francisco, CA)

"Old Home Movies" [MP3]

The Botticellis' website
The Botticellis' MySpace

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BlogNinja said...

I've seen this band live a bunch of times and they are completely awesome. They are definitely my favorite band in San Francisco and I think as soon as people hear their new record I think alot of them will agree with me.