Sunday, August 26, 2007

Marc With a C: Normal Bias

Marc Sirdoreus has been making his cute yet sarcastic brand of lo-fi pop music under the moniker Marc With a C in Orlando since 1999. He clearly loves music -- you can hear it in his lyrics and his prolific output, as well as on the review website he writes for, RetroLowFi. 2007 has been a busy year for the man, who has just released a compilation of crowd favorites called What The Hell Is Wrong With Marc With a C?, as well as an album of new material, Normal Bias (on Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority). Normal Bias is deliciously wordy (there's no way anybody could ever accuse him of writing something boring), but also offers up plenty of poptastic melodies, hooky choruses and the occasional hand-clap that all contribute to an album that's very fun and uniquely Marc With a C. An album of pessimistic optimism, sweet cynicism, dark but catchy pop music with a great sense of humor that I've been enjoying constantly since I received it in the mail.

"Classic Country Wasn't Multitracked in '61" [MP3]
"Drunk Classic Rock Fans" [MP3]

Marc With a C's website -- Buy the album here!
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