Sunday, August 26, 2007

Album of the Week: The Wallflowers - S/T

I'm not going to bore you all with too much of a rant on how undeservedly overlooked the Wallflowers are. I know it's hard to ignore all of those repetitive 90s bands the Wallflowers are always lumped together with, but c'mon, they really sound nothing like the Goo Goo Dolls (and other "beacons" of 90s "alt-rock"). Anyways, before "One Headlight" thrust the band into the spotlight, the band released its self-titled disc that was pretty much ignored by the media back in 1992, save for a few praising reviews that all inevitably featured the whole "Bob Dylan's son" sort of remark. Jakob Dylan's voice DID sound rawer and less polished, a little more like his father's, and there was a little bit more of a country-fied, Americana bend to the band's sound as well. The melancholy lyrics are a bit of a mixed bag, ranging from beautiful to sounding just a little bit awkward -- apparently Dylan hadn't written too many songs when he and the band's original line-up (who broke up soon after this album, after being dropped from Virgin) went to the studio. In any case, though, the stripped-down sound and youthful energy is a refreshing thing to hear from a band that's been suffering from overproduction for a long time now.

"Shy Of The Moon" [MP3]

The Wallflowers' website

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