Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour Dates: I'm From Barcelona

I'm From Barcelona created one of the most fun albums of last year (Let Me Introduce You To My Friends). People here in the U.S. got so excited about it, I guess it never even occured to me that these Swedes haven't even played a show in the US yet (Pitchfork, of course, was happy to clear things up). Get ready, America - the group'll be coming to America for Lollapalooza, and you can catch them for a few dates in Brooklyn, if you're in that neck of the woods.

P.S. -- If this is one of those bands you keep reading about and kinda skipping over (yeah, we all stubbornly do that from time-to-time), stop skipping. They really are as good as they're being made out to be. Besides, skipping in public is weird. I'm doing you a favor.

07-26 Emmaboda, Sweden - Emmabodafestivalen
07-27 Naples, Italy - Neapolis Festival
07-28 Ravenna, Italy - Hana-Bi
07-29 Huntingdon, England - Secret Garden Party
08-02 Zambujeria do Mar, Portugal - Sudoeste Festival
08-04 Chicago, IL - Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
08-05 Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Park Pool *
08-06 Brooklyn, NY - Southpaw #
08-16 Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop Festival
08-24 Trondheim, Norway - Pstereo Festival

"Collection of Stamps" [MP3]

I'm From Barcelona's website
I'm From Barcelona's MySpace


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