Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cool Down With The Ice Cream Floats

The Ice Cream Floats are exactly what you need for these hot summer days. The band is comprised of indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg (LOL, Kissing On The Mouth, Hannah Takes The Stairs) and his Timebox Twins (in which the songs are featured - see here for more info on that) partner in crime, Tipper Newton, and the two sing songs that are LITERALLY the sweetest songs you'll ever hear (no, seriously, they're about ice cream, gumdrops, butterscotch...). The duo hasn't released anything official yet, but if you surf on over to their MySpace page, they've got a few songs offered up (for download) to cure your heat exhaustion and your thirst for pop perfection. "Little Things" and "Gumdrop Tree" are the latest.

"Gumdrop Tree" [MP3]
"Transatlantic" [MP3]** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Ice Cream Floats' website

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