Saturday, July 28, 2007

News On The Upcoming Castanets Release

It's been awhile since I've heard anything about Castanets (which has released two highly recommendable albums in the past few years, Cathedrals and First Light's Freeze) -- well, I stopped by Asthmatic Kitty's website website, and discovered a new album's been completed, and is due out on Oct. 23, 2007. The website's got the tracklist for the album, In The Vines, as well as the dramatic story of the album's conception and production. This should be one intense album (not that the previous albums were light and fluffy, by any means). But seriously -- Ray Raposa (chief member of Castanets) had an incredibly bad year:
Ray Raposa of Castanets had almost finished his follow-up to First Light's Freeze (2005) when three men in strange masks mugged him at gunpoint in front of his home in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Stealing Raposa's rent money, iPod and security, the three thieves climaxed a year of depression and nomadic, nocturnal dislocation. Not long after the mugging, Raposa completed In The Vines.
A number of familiar faces contribute to the album, including Jana Hunter and members of Shaky Hands and Phosphorescent.

1. Rain Will Come
2. This Is The Early Game
3. Westbound, Blue
4. Strong Animal
5. Sway
6. The Fields Crack
7. Three Months Paid
8. The Night Is When You Can Not See
9. Sounded Like a Train, Wasn't a Train
10. And The Swimming

Castanets/Asthmatic Kitty website
Castanets MySpace


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