Friday, July 27, 2007

Devendra Banhart Announces Tracklisting...

You can head over to Dev's (ha, I really don't think I ever plan on abbreviating his name like that EVER again) MySpace to preview two tracks off his upcoming album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. "Rosa" is a lovely, slow little song sung in Portuguese, while "Tonada Yanomaminista" has got some serious rockin' Banhart 'tude that sounds a bit different than anything he's released before. According to the blog entry on the 'Space (you know, the one titled "Two Songzzz"), they'll be previewing two tracks over there every Friday for your listening pleasure before the album comes out (on Sept. 25, mind yaaa). (It's Friday, meaning summer school takes a hiatus for the weekend, meaning my grammar is about to jump out da window, yo). Anyways, thanks to P4K (yeah, again, sorry) for tha scoop. Ghosty, OUT.

01 Cristobal
02 So Long Old Bean
03 Samba Vexillographica
04 Seahorse
05 Bad Girl
06 Seaside
07 Shabop Shalom
08 Tonada Yanomaminista
09 Rosa
10 Saved
11 Lover
12 Carmencita
13 The Other Woman
14 Freely
15 Remember
16 My Dearest Friend

Devendra Banhart's MySpace
Devendra Banhart's website



rafael said...

rosa is sung in portuguese, with rodrigo amarante, from the brazilian band (despite the spanish name) los hermanos.

Your Little Ghost Friend said...

Noted! Oops, I feel silly now. Thank you!