Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Even If You Love Flight Of The Conchords...

Do yourself a favor and avoid Eagle Vs. Shark (2007). Yeah, the poster is wackily hilarious. And yeah, the film stars Jemaine Clement, half of HBO’s reasonably funny duo. I wanted to like it. But trust me. The world does not need this film. It’s the equivalent of Date Movie/Epic Movie/Not Another Teen Movie… that is to say, derivative and mainly unfunny. I will say this, though: Director Taika Cohen seems to have good taste in music: Devendra Banhart and M Ward are among artists featured on the film’s soundtrack. NZ natives Phoenix Foundation contribute a beautiful song called "Apples and Oranges." And New Zealand is a beautiful place (though apparently overrun with 90s style windbreakers and scary manchildren).

M Ward: "Let's Dance" [MP3]
[[Featured on the Eagle Vs. Shark OST]]

Eagle Vs. Shark's website
Flight of the Conchords' website
M Ward's website

Oh, and if you haven't been reminded already, M Ward's debut album, Duets for Guitar #2, was re-released this past Tuesday by Merge Records. And like everything else Ward's released, it's great.

Also - Flight of the Conchords, who have signed with Subpop (along with other funny people like Patton Oswalt, whose Werewolves and Lollipops album lulled me to sleep last night), have an album due out next month.


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