Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bored? Well, SXSWclick!

Hey, I know you get bored doing all those things you're supposed to do. In fact, I'm in my campus library's 24-Hour Study Room, procrastinating my paper on causality in Babel (meh, in my opinion, in regards to that film), prolonging my stay here through a variety of random Internet-related distractions. Ashamed to be on Perez Hilton? Done reading everything on the A.V. Club and tired of refreshing the page in hopes of a new Inventory feature? One of those was 2007 SXSWclick!, where you can watch short films and vote on them in the Popularity Contest (oh the pain, it just reeks of high school). The Timebox Twins, which were previously mentioned here, are up there, under the illustrious "What the F*#!?" category. Sweet!

Now back to narrative schema and stuff.


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