Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Attachments: "Karla-la"

This is just one of those deliciously fun pop masterpiece songs about some girl who apparently has no last name that you find yourself humming or singing along to at random times. In public. Maybe you even start dancing. The Attachments are an indie pop group located in San Francisco whose self-titled EP came out this past spring (available at Amoeba), and judging from the rest of their MySpace tracks, the band's ear for melodies (and "la-la-la"-ing) doesn't stop there. Macktronic's review just about hits the nail on the head, I think: "Sounds like Weezer had a love child on the beach with one of The Beach Boys."

"Karla-la" [MP3]

The Attachments' website
The Attachments' MySpace


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