Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1986 (The Band, Not The Year)

I befriended 1986 on MySpace after noticing they were in Bishop Allen's top friends (the band's drummer is apparently touring as BA's drummer) and giving them a random listen (ah, the intricacies of MySpace). You know how sometimes when you click over to someone's MySpace and you totally immediately hit pause 'cause you can immediately tell you don't even wanna hear two seconds? This was the opposite sort of deal... I was entranced by their song, "Mechanical Dreams" a killer song which progresses forward at an intoxicating, all-out rock 'n' roll speed, the kind of songs concerts are born for (a song from last summer's debut full-length album, Nihilism Is Nothing To Worry About. According to their page, these Austinites have another album in the works, and they're getting help from the good folks behind last year's brilliant Hold Steady album. Then again, any band that accepts my friend request with a comment praising The Replacements is bound to win my love.

"Laughing" [MP3]

1986's MySpace


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