Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Agent Ribbons Tour Dates

Agent Ribbons is the fabulous group I mentioned awhile back, after seeing them play in somebody’s garage in Isla Vista. Well, now they’re onto bigger and better things: a tour of the U.S. of A.! And probably not in a garage. There are still some dates in between these that are TBA, so check out their MySpace to help the girls out. You’d get to see an amazing show. Listen to “Don’t Touch Me," and visit their site to buy their record, On Time Travel And Romance (better than plain 'ole mp3s: they include handmade artwork!).

7/26: Miner's Foundry (Nevada City, CA)
8/03: Barefoot Coffee Roasters (San Jose, CA)
8/09: Delta of Venus (Davis, CA) <-- w/ The Dodos, Jennifer Gentle
8/11: Que Sera Record Club (Long Beach, CA)
8/12: Silverlake Lounge Record Club (Los Angeles, CA)
8/14: Fools Foundation (Sacramento, CA)
8/16: Nevada City Film Festival (Nevada City, CA)
8/18: The Modesto Art and Wine Festival (Modesto, CA)
8/24: Mantra Fashion Show (Sacramento, CA)
8/26: The Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz, CA) <-- w/ Old Time Relijun
8/27: Club Pow! (Sacramento, CA) <-- w/ Skybox
8/31: Slabtown (Portland, OR) <-- w/ Swallows
9/02: Elsie's (Santa Barbara, CA) <-- w/ Carina Round
9/04: Club Ding-A-Ling (Los Angeles, CA)
9/07: The Whistle Stop (San Diego, CA) <-- w/ The Silent Comedy
9/08: The Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)
9/11: The Carousel Lounge (Austin, TX) <-- w/ Southern Drama
9/19: Red and Black Bar (Washington, DC)
9/25: Hudson River Parks Fall Concert Series (New York, NY)
9/26: CakeShop (New York, NY) <-- w/ Hi Red Center
10/11: The Surly Girl Saloon (Columbus, OH)
10/12: The Gypsy Hut (Cincinatti, OH) <-- w/ The Sundresses
10/16: The Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS)
10/25: The Bouquet (Boise, ID)
11/21: Sacramento State University (Sacramento, CA)

"Don't Touch Me" [MP3]
"Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus" [MP3]

Agent Ribbons' MySpace


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