Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Modest Mouse Comes to Santa Barbara

Alright, so I'm always complaining about having to drive to L.A. to go and see shows... well, now I'm allllmost in luck. Modest Mouse will be gracing SB (at the Bowl) with its presence on Sept. 14! I won't be around, cause I fly to Austin, TX (for Austin City Limits) a day earlier, but this is good news for somebody, I'm sure. The show, to my knowledge, was just announced, and tickets go on sale Saturday.

Oh, and I'm not much of a Tegan and Sara fan (though judging from their latest album reviews, I should consider giving them another chance), but if you are, and you live in Santa Barbara, they'll be playing a show at the Bowl on Halloween! That's the kind of news this ghost likes to hear!

Modest Mouse's website
Tegan and Sara's website
The Bowl's website

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