Monday, January 28, 2008

Guillemots Single Premieres Tomorrow!

After releasing both a spectacular album (Through the Windowpane) and almost-album in 2006 (From the Cliffs EP), I knew Guillemots weren't going to be just a one-hit wonder or mega-blog-hype kinda band, but 2007 was a pretty quiet year from the band. Turns out Fyfe Dangerfield and co. were hard at work on Red, which has finally been completed. The record's out March 24th, but you can hear the first single, "Get Over It," on Radio 1 tomorrow (and probably in various horribly ripped formats elsewhere). Hopefully it's not an OK Go cover. In the meantime, rediscover your love for "Trains to Brazil." It really is that good.

"Trains to Brazil" [MP3]

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