Friday, January 25, 2008

Bishop Allen to Re-release Charm School!

When I first got into Bishop Allen a few years ago, tracking down Charm School was a tough order. It was on out of stock everywhere, and sites like Hype Machine weren't yet on my radar (nor Bishop Allen's, I would guess). Eventually I found it used on, and the album was replayed like no other! A few years passed, a dozen EPs, one scrapped album (Clementines) and an album later and Bishop Allen is all over my Internet (any my TV, thanks to that camera ad)! This year, the band will rerelease that charming little album that could, featuring new artwork and some additional demo tracks ("You Ain't No Picasso," anybody?). No word yet if that'll be available on vinyl for the first time, as The Broken String was. In any case, I'm glad more people will be able to hear the album.

Also in the works? Another album, which they aim to have completed before year's end and a revamped, updated website, in addition to more European and U.S. tour dates. Oh, and appearing with Michael Cera in Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.

"Things Are What You Make of Them" [MP3] off Charm School

Bishop Allen's website
Bishop Allen's MySpace

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Jubilant Geriatric said...

These guys have charm, but they don't have as much charm as my late husband, a bomber in World War Two. When I was a nurse in the vets ward, he swept me off my feet one night with just one look. He looked eager as all you kids I see in New York. He'd roll over in his grave if he knew I listened to anything besides Benny Goodman. He'd go nuts if he knew I could type faster than him! He used to type faster than me. He used to do a lot of things faster than me...wink wink.