Monday, December 17, 2007

My Little Ghost's Best of 2007, Pt. I

I've been away so long! I've been preparing my list of the 50 albums I enjoyed most in 2007, and as it's gotten quite time-consuming, and the year's almost up, I'm going to post the albums in order without explanations all at once here, to keep things moving along. Don't argue yet: numbers 11-50 will be up within the next week! P.S. - I don't claim to be a music critic. While it's partially a "best of" sort of list, it also takes into account what I listened to a lot.

#1) PANDA BEAR: Person Pitch
Pining Brian Wilson enthusiasts, rejoice! I do appreciate Animal Collective's music, but I don't *love* it the way I love Panda Bear's 2007 solo album.
"Comfy in Nautica" [MP3]

#2) ARCADE FIRE: Neon Bible
This album is the soundtrack to my darkest nightmares. And I mean that in the best way possible. I never thought the band's sophomore album could possibly even come close to reaching Funeral, but for me, it's pretty close.
"My Body Is A Cage" [MP3]

By far my favorite random discovery in 2007 -- static-filled, noisy, fuzzy rock from a lady who "understand[s] what it takes to be a man." I knew it would make my list from the first song...
"In The Snow" [MP3]

#4) JANA HUNTER: There's No Home
Jana Hunter's often lumped in with Devendra, but stylistically, this is much simpler. And less gimmicky (what, no reggae infusions, Jana?).
"Babies" [MP3]

#5) THE BESNARD LAKES: Are The Dark Horse
This one pretty much came out of nowhere.
"Disaster" [MP3]

#6) BASIA BULAT: Oh, My Darling
Oh, the handclapping gets me every time.
"I Was A Daughter" [MP3]

#7) THE CLIENTELE: God Save The Clientele
A really recent favorite that's been climbing up my list.

#8) SPOON: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Completely catchy and dependable album from one of the decade's most consistently catchy and dependable bands. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy it more than I've enjoyed Spoon's past albums.
"Don't You Evah" [MP3]

#9) ELENI MANDELL: Miracle Of Five
Eleni Mandell, where had you been all my life? Apparently recording a slew of equally great albums.
"The Wings In His Eyes" [MP3]

#10) ST. VINCENT: Marry Me
I didn't want to believe the blog hype... Did indie rock need another beautiful songstress? I didn't think she could be as good as everyone said. Seeing her at Austin City Limits convinced me, though.
"Marry Me" [MP3]


Steven Ray Morris said...

YOU'RE BACK! and that makes me happy.

muruch said...

I'm glad someone else loves Eleni as much as I do. :)

Claire said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog, and it looks great! I like a lot of the albums on this list, so I'll have to check out the ones I haven't heard. Just to let you know, I think there's something wrong with your link to the song "I Was a Daughter."