Tuesday, October 9, 2007

VIDEO: BlackBlack's "Emerald City"

Check out the psychosis-inducing video for BlackBlack's song, "Emerald Forest." The band, which is a side project for Phantom Planet's frontman, Alex Greenwald (and his bandmates Divva and Lola Dompe), recently played a few shows in L.A. and has two EPs for sale on its website. The band's all about having tons of fun, and in what appears to be a (gasp!) totally un-ironic way. Everybody knows irony ain't fun. The music itself is folk-y, poppy pop, and it doesn't sound at all like Phantom Planet.

Be very, very frightened of the website, which features Tigger costumes (with the Tigger logo very artfully and carefully obscured with black tape), liberal amounts of what I hope is fake blood, and so many funny pictures I had to stop myself from posting more of them. Restraint. Ah, yes.

BlackBlack's website

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