Monday, October 8, 2007

Some Microphones-Inspired Artwork...

So yeah, I'll admit it, when I was in high school, I really enjoyed painting, even if it did not enjoy me. One of my AP art studio assignments was to create a painting accompanied by song lyrics. My strange, probably creepy fascination with goldfish mortality collided with my then-blossoming love for the Microphones, fusing into the following painting that's got lyrics from one of my favorite Microphones song, "Karl Blau." Don't even begin to psychoanalyze this painting. Don't you even start with me. But I decided to inflict it upon you all, in honor of tomorrow's SB Mt. Eerie show.

It really is a beautiful song, and if you're unacquainted with Phil Elverum or his various projects, I highly encourage you to check "Karl Blau" out. It's a great example of his cryptic, atmospheric yet still very lo-fi recordings.

blue moon
waded out past the waves swells
where we all floated helpless
and he told us to stop treading water
he sang about the sand
where we could all touch our feet down
he held out his hand
with his tipped back he sang loud
but we didn't listen, he swam off alone
long live his words, all caught up on his own
he said "someday the moon will reach out to the sun
but for now it must drift along, but for now he drifts along

"Karl Blau" [MP3]

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