Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good On Paper's "The Message"

So you want a song that'll be lodged inside of your brain all day long? Look no further than Good on Paper's "The Message," which is undeniably catchy and lovely and all those good things you expect from your favorite songs. I don't know too much about this band except that they're from L.A., they've been working on a full-length album and they write some classic-sounding pop songs with boy-girl harmonies you'll fall in love with. Kinda like what would happen if the Velvet Underground met Pavement and had a cute lil baby! Don't you wish Pavement were your baby daddy?

Me and my fellow UCSB students can catch the band's free show in Storke Plaza on November 1st at noon. I've been kinda disappointed by the line-up so far this year (I mean, last year, they had Starlight Mints, Busdriver, Man Man, Mirah...), but this one's bound to be good!

"The Message" [MP3]

Good on Paper's MySpace

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