Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Paul Westerberg: No "Catcher In The Slump"

I'm back! Starting classes, starting up work again and losing yet another computer cord have taken their toll, and I really can't promise updates will be quite as frequent as they were over summer, but I'm gonna try and post a few entries a week. I mean, so much goes on that I can't resist staying away too long.

Case in point: Paul Westerberg played for a crowd of 500 at the MGD Craft show this past weekend, answering interview questions and playing some new songs he's been working on. Several Minneapolis-based blogs were kind enough to share some live mp3s of the new stuff (as well as the rest of the show). Want to hear the whole show? Head over to paulwesterberg.net for mp3s of all the songs and interview portions in mp3 format. Westerberg's a good interviewee, really entertaining and interesting as usual.

"Everyone's Stupid" (Live) [MP3]

Ryan Adams was also in Minneapolis this weekend, and for all the fuss made about his "meltdown" (oh please), it seems a little insignificant, given Adams' past behaviors. Complaining about the sound in the venue and not coming out for an encore isn't really up there, is it?

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